The Importance Of Having Sub Floor Ventilation

image-2You can easily tell when the house has inadequate sub floor ventilation because of the musty smell, the rising damp and not forgetting the persistent mould on the floor. Thousands and thousands of homes in Australia are built with timber floors that are mostly suspended over voids. When there is proper air circulation the hidden spaces will cause no problems and hence no cause for alarm.

Sub Floor Ventilation, Sydney: Why is it Important?

The problem comes in when the air inside does not circulate and the floor becomes stuffy. The result is mould forming on the floor, termites finding a home on the timber and the worst scenario is the timber being destroyed by the moisture and starts to lot.

  • Maintains Dry Floors

A healthy living house will have a well-ventilated floor area that will not be subject to dampness and mould. Air circulation inside the house is well balanced. The air inside is fresh because the stale air does not last for long in the house.

  • Keeps off Termites

Well ventilated floors will help keep termites off. The floor will be more stable and all construction materials of the house would possess improved performance, especially those made of timber such as the frames and floors. This will mean savings on maintenance costs of the house.

image_4How is a Ventilation Check Done?

An assessment of your house from the ground up to the roofing is done by a professional. A detailed inspection report is drafted. From this, the costing of the ventilation system to be put in place is calculated. The system comprises of a suitable airflow and other air extraction gadgets. According to the Australian Building Codes, the system has to be quiet and should generally come in with a warranty or guarantee. The building codes also dictate on how the system is to be installed.

According to the Australian Journal on Building Ventilation, a professional assessor should also be able to do the following:

  • He will check on the floor’s dampness and be in a position to tell whether the problem is due to a plumbing, airflow or drainage issue.
  • He will be able to explain the impact of local geographical conditions, the geology and the house design in regards to the dampness.
  • He should be able to specify an efficient and effective system that is silent, cost effective and offers a permanent solution within the shortest time possible.
  • He should be able to recommend a system with a warranty guarantee to alleviate the problem and tell if it can stand the test of time.

What are the Benefits of the Ventilation System?

  1. Floor Ventilation systems are cost effective and offer a long lasting solution that permanently stops moulds and the rising damp. It can be installed along with other HRV systems or as a standalone system.
  1. It can be tailor made to suit your home and your specified needs. As a result, this will help you get the best offer and also a permanent, lasting solution.
  1. Drier floor with less moisture that will help curb difficulty in breathing and also chest congestion.
  1. Additional protection on the house foundation promoting a stable building.
  1. Reduction of bad odours that will help people in the house live comfortably with a good circulation of air.